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            Company Profile

            Professional CDI & REG Manufacturer

            GUANG HER CHENG (GHC) is founded in year 2002, the company originally research & develops HID, ballast and various types of motor controller. Afler three years of researches and development, GHC is becoming one of the leading manufacture of HID ballast in Taiwan and enjoyed high reputation in market.

            GHC is qualified by ISO/ TS 16949: 2002, and our HID is approved by E mark E11 (10R-02 2371) certificate, we strive to provide the finest materials and processes to manufacture HID products with exceptional value and profitability. Our commitment is to produce innovative solutions to your need. We will continuously proceed the research and development for new generation of HID product to make GHC HID to be your real alternative.

            Our Products


            Development all brands such as ATV (Access motor) , Motorcycle’s,ignition.


            Development all brands such as ATV (Access motor) , Motorcycle’s regulator.

            Light source

            DC, AC, HID, UHP, CDM